Greetings from TAPBA President,

Charles W. White, Sr.

 As always our Board of Directors looks forward to working together with company owners and agents to make this year the best ever. East Tennessee Director Wade E Hinson Jr. and his education committee gave us our education slogan this year – Bonding 2.0, The Agent and their surroundings. Ladies and Gentlemen, I submitted to you last year that unless we make some corrections to our way of thinking, unwanted changes will be made to our beloved profession, as predicted many jurisdictions have made those unwanted changes that we have to contend with on all fronts now. Agents must learn the laws that we are governed by, not just Taylor vs Taintor which is at best a misquoted and misleading opinion.
Taking the Bonding 2.0 theme further this year we want to rebuild our agents thereby rebuilding the profession. Agents should think of themselves as ambassadors to the public for the bonding industry at all times, and at all times they should think V.I.P. or Values, Integrity and Professionalism. What Values do you bring to this state, your district, your town? Are you as the agent just slightly above those you bail out of jail, or are you an officer of the court the way we should be? How is your integrity? Do your judges take your word as your honor, does your interaction with the court officers and clerks leave a bad taste in their mouth for this profession? What about your professionalism, is it something that others see and respect or do people barely acknowledge you in a professional?
Across the United States the actions of the few are bringing down the image of the vast majority of good Bonding Agents and Bail Enforcement Agents. The media has jumped on anything that any connection to our profession and made it about our profession regardless of the circumstances. The old adage “if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…” is being used against us by saying if they are a bail agent, then they must have been acting in that capacity even if a plumber could have committed the same heinous crimes with the same equipment in the same capacity but because that person was a bonding agent then this profession must be at fault.
In addition the organization called “Equal Justice for All” has become a thorn in the side of money bail. They are utilizing these industry failings to promote their own agenda and are successfully gaining ground steadily. We at TAPBA are continuously monitoring them; however their bottom line is the destruction of this profession and eradication of you and I. I submit to you that being a bonding agent is a lifestyle and in order to maintain our image we must live everyday as if we are being watched, live every minute with integrity and honor.
Thank you,
President TAPBA
Old South Director PBUS